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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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could be. me. ♪ it's time to♪discover that in a lexus suv... ...there's no such thing as adverse conditions. ♪ come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event this is the pursuit of perfection. that's it for me here in cleveland. i'll see you back here tomorrow. . up next, thomas roberts picks up our coverage. hi, everybody, great to have you with me. who will donald trump pick? i'm thomas roberts. we are live today right here in cleveland, ohio. say hi, gang. this city is prepped for its big shining political moment. the repulican national convention just days away and we have lots to cover from
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cleveland. first up, all the movement in the veepstakes. trump officially revealing his vp pick tomorrow morning. we're down to the final three and governor mike pence and newt gingrich and governor chris christie. christie sitting down exclusively with msnbc speaking with our own nicole wallace. you'll hear that entire interview in full this hour. also the rnc rules committee meeting right now. we're going to discuss the insider efforts to stomp out the stop trump movement and avoid any ugly floor fight here at the convention next week. we'll also look ahead to the list of speakers. a list that includes six trumps, politicians, plus a football star. we want to go back to msnbc world headquarters in new york and brian williams with more on that sit-down with chris christie. >> indeed we have some special programming this afternoon because just back from new
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jersey, just back and in the door is our colleague nicole wallace. i guess it would be appropriate to begin by way of honesty, transparency and setup. you have been a professional lifelong gop communications operative. you and chris christie have in common the fact that you both worked for bush 443. >> during the course of the campaign, i have talked to him a lot about what's going on in our party, donald trump. he has been i think one of the people who has helped me understand best what donald trump is trying to do. because it isn't always clear from the outside. he's somebody that i know well. and as you said, we both served in george bush 43's administration. he's not anyone i worked for or done anything for in the political arena, but he's someone i have known for a long time. >> we share a home state, a love for the jersey shore, the same ice cream place in point pleasant and same mexican
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restaurant in seaside heights. >> this is done. >> our families see each other during the summer on occasion. i talked to him no more or less than any other journalists. having established all that, today's conversation that you held with him and for a time mrs. christie in their home in new jersey came at this time where he is on the final list of three. win or lose, he's the head of the transition. and maybe trump's closest aid who is in the daily tumble of elected politics. with that in mind, set up what you know to be the first chunk we're going to air here. >> he's on the phone with donald trump just before we sat down, checking in about house his events went. the relationship with donald trump is to talk him through what are to old hands the normal motions and goings on of a political campaign. but understanding that donald
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trump has never done any of the normal things about a political campaign, it often falls to chris christie to talk him through what to expect in a room full of the kinds of donors that he's trying to raise money from. what to expect from the sorts of groups that candidates speak to all the time. they were on the phone this morning. i eavesdropped a little bit. i didn't hear any breaking news. we did take a break and he checked his phone and said do you want to check that. so i was there in the moments when they thought they may be hearing about donald trump's choice, his selection for vp. they were vetted a second time in 2012. the vetting process, if you haven't been through it, is excruciating. things like bridgegate came up. they have answered a lot of questions about how that might play as a political liability to mr. trump. they assured his campaign it would not. there's sort of the interesting new undercurrent about the family dynamic.
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there's some history between chris christie and his capacity as a prosecutor. so that was in the news. we asked him about all those thi things. >> let's take a listen. >> when you checked your black ber ri, you heard any news? >> no. >> you still do not know? >> no. >> you think donald trump has made a decision? >> don't know. >> you really don't know? >> i swear i don't know. i don't know. >> your role as his adviser, what would you tell him? >> i wouldn't advise him on this because i'm biassed. so i couldn't give him unbiassed advice. >> but you're biassed toward helping him him, but also biassed towards myself. i'm not going to go in there and advise him to pick someone else. >> i don't believe you. if you thought someone else was a better choice, you'd tell him to pick him. >> it would be hard. i might, but it would be hard. but let's put it this way. i can't give him that advice in
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an unbiassed way so i'm not going to. because whether i get selected or not, how you conduct yourself in this process will color his view of you after. and what matters most to me is helping him get elected president. if he is, to make sure that he's a successful president for our country and the world, because we need one. and those are my priorities. i think as i get older, those things rise above ambition. that's the way i feel right now. if you're wondering why i'm so calm, that's why. because this is not the most important thing. who he picks is not the most important thing. the most important thing is beating hillary clinton and getting this country back on track. having been a governor now for seven years, i know how hard that is. so i don't want to get distracted. >> so you wouldn't miss a beat if it you get a call today
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saying i can't do your impression of him. will you do it? >> no, i will not. >> this is so hard. >> no matter what phone call he makes to me today, i will take a deep breath and prepare for tomorrow. >> will you head to the batting cages? >> i don't have that feel. >> it doesn't bother you? >> i'm not going to say it won't bother me. if you're a competitive person like i am and you're used to winning like i am, again, you don't like coming in second. ever. but i won't need to go to the battle cage and hit off the machine. i'll just go back to work. i have work this afternoon as governor that i have to do. and i'll go back and do that and not worry about it. if he calls me and tells me that he wants me to do this, then i'll take a deep breath and get ready for that challenge.
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either way, i'll have challenges ahead of me and ready to take them on. >> i talked to some of your long time friends and people who worked on your campaigns and worked for you in the state. and they feel protective on your behalf. can you understand that? some of your supporters feel like this is owed to you. no one has taken more lumps for backing him when they u did than you. do you feel that way? >> no. no one is owed the vice presidency of the united states. love the folk who is are my friends and supporters who feel that way. i love them. they are incredibly loyal people. i feel grateful for having them as friends. but nobody is owed the vice presidency. and the guy who wins gets to pick who is going to do it. i'm not owed anything in that regard at all. i don't view it that way. if you do view it that way, you don't have your eye on the ball. the ball is win the race first. and then be the person who can help the president be the best
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president he can. i look at george bush 41 as the greatest example of that. he was a competitor. he competed hard against reagan and never did you hear him have a negative word to say or a disagreement publicly about ronald reagan. i think when you read ronald reagan's diaries, you recognize that george bush 41 played a rohuge role in telling reagan t truth as he saw it and helped make him a better president. george bush wasn't owed that position. but he earn ed it. then when he got it, he didn't worry about me. he worried about the country and the man who picked him and who he was helping to serve. and that would be my model for vice president would be george bush 41. he had enormous influence, but he had it all behind the scenes. he was not out there, nor were his people out there, gran diezing him. he's the role model for that.
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>> supporters said if you're not the vice president, people are throwing around a.g., but there's a history of governors going in as white house chiefs of staff. that's the role you're performing now. >> i haven't. i haven't thought to anything about what's next if he wins. what i have been thinking about is getting the government ready for him if he wins and getting good choices for him. i don't worry about that for myself because i know that whether i'm the vice presidential normminee or the chairman of the transition, that after he wins on november 8th, on november 9th i'm going to be sitting at a table across from me and he's going to look at me and say what's next. and i'll be ready to give him some answers and suggestions. that's whether you're vp or chairman of transition. that's what i'm really focused
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on. i said this to a group of people interviewing yesterday in washington. i said the product is the most important thing. put aside your ego, put aside which office in the white house you want. the product is the most important thing. that's whether i'm vice president or whether i'm the head of the transition. that's what i'm focused on. i'm not worried about that. he's not shy. he will ask if there's something he needs me to do. ab chutely. if e he offers me something i don't want to do, i won't take it. i don't have to. nicole, i'm a second term governor of oneover the most democratic states in america where they never thought i'd win once, let alone twice. . as my son said to me, dad, i'm disappointed. but you have had a pretty good career. >> he's proud. >> he's okay with it. and so am i. no matter what happens next.
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>> you mentioned bush 41. i was up in maine on monday and saw him. and i interviewed jeb. you and i both worked for george w. bush. can you understand how the family is sort of sitting this cycle out. how people can't get there on donald trump. >> initially, yes. i have a hard time understanding it now because i just don't believe that hillary clinton is the person we want to be president. and i heard jeb say in his interview, people talk like it's a binary choice. well, it is. >> so obama is right. chicken or fish. >> it is. gary johnson is not going to be the president of the united states. >> but he might get to 15%. >> let me tell you this.
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this much i'm willing to bet every dollar i have. gary johnson is is not going to be standing on the steps of the capitol taking the oath of office. and billwell ch welch shouldn't measure the drapes. and what i could encourage republicans to think about is who do they want filling vacancies on the supreme court. because that's a huge impact on our country. and there's lots of other issues. who do you want dealing with health care? who do you want dealing with the tax code in this country going forward? who do you want dealing with job creation going forward? do you really want hillary clinton who has move d further o the left than she's ever been and you want her doing it? so listen, i have great respect for the bush family. most particularly for president bush 43, who i was honored to serve and mary pat and i consider to be a very dear
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friend and generous adviser to me during my political career. so i'm not going to be critical of them for making the choices they make. it's their call. but our party has spoken. and the same way that people didn't like president bush xliii or john mccain or bush xli, we said to them at the time, the decision is made, come together. it's a better choice than john kerry or barack obama or al gore. i believe this is a much better choice than hillary clinton. and so i think it's time for everybody to understand this. if you're republican and you're not working for donald trump, you're working for hillary clinton. >> so jeb bush is helping hillary clinton? >> absolutely. absolutely that's true. he's not trying to, but what i'm saying is that's the effect of the conduct. >> so a a no vote is a vote for hillary? >> correct. >> so paul ryan saying to the
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delegates, we head into our convention monday. and paul ryan has told the delegates and members of his caucus to vote their conscious. that's not the right advice? >> no, because the people have spoken. why do we have the primary? there would have been plenty of people griping if i won. >> but you didn't propose a muslim ban. you didn't make fun of disabled people or call women fat pigs. i disagree. >> we have had had this it disagreement before proift ly privately, but it's down to a binary choice. it's either donald trump or hillary clinton, and i'm not say issing anyone else has to do it. but i do think it's inconsistent for people to have signed a pledge, which i signed saying i was going to support the nominee, and then not do it. i think it's inconsistent to say as all of us did during the primary, we will be governed by the will of our voters.
11:16 am
with the deep voice and real sense of grav it is a. unless i disagree with it? i was my first choice. i didn't win. i had to make a choice beyond that, i felt, about who was the person that gave us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. the reason why a no rote is a vote for hillary is that should be for the republican nominee. i would be willing to bet that jeb never voted for a democrat for president. it means he voted republican for president. that's a vote that gets taken away. that's one less vote. we have to get to 65 million votes to win this thing. that's one less. so it's a boy nar choice. but again, i'm not going to be critical of anybody who exercises their right to make their choice. but if you're asking me -- >> i'm asking. >> do i think that assists hillary clinton's cause? i believe it does. we don't have any business assisting hillary clinton's
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cause as republicans and i don't believe our country will be well served by hillary clinton presidency. >> if you're just tuning in, this is a bit of special programming. nicole hal wallace has just returned from the home of chris christie. having had this conversation with the governor. nicole, i think this comes close for all who know chris christie that is the chris christie you interviewed today. the timing was kind of unbelievable to a lot of us. while he was talking, the stories indicating that trump is leaning toward mike pence of indiana, we're starting to bubble up on the web, as i watched. i was wondering how is it that chris christie granted this interview today of all days to you? >> my husband slept with my phone because he was sure i would get a text overnight or in the morning canceling the interview. we set up this interview many weeks ago in the context of our convention is starting.
11:18 am
my party's convention starts monday. it was sort of we were going to talk about trump, the candidacy, the disunity in the republican party. and as the week neared and became clear he was one of the top three finalists in donald trump's vp search, i'm sure you're more familiar with us than i am, i held my breath hoping events wouldn't change his plans, but he clearly had something to say. i think it was important for him to communicate -- i'm told that the trump campaign didn't know he was doing this interview, but i think he made it perfectly clear that his intentions are to help donald trump in whatever capacity asks him to do so. so when i said if it you don't get this what will you do, he said i will take a breath and get right back to work. that's what everyone is looking for in someone that they have asked to be a part of the campaign or madministration. >> as we mentioned, a lot of the speculation has centered on mike pence of indiana.
11:19 am
if true, you will be hearing much more about the former congressman, current governor of indiana, where he stands, who he is. among other indicators, an aid to mike pence was spotted on a flight to new york. not a common route for someone with political roots in indiana. so given that, nicole, turn the conversation with governor christie to mike pence here as part of that exchange. >> mike pence, who is reported to be one of the other people in the running, a good man, a good governor. but he endorsed cruz. what do you think the calculation is and how does he rise to the level of someone who is literally and figuratively had his back since the beginning? >> i don't think that should be the only factor. if e we want to bring the party together, donald trump wasn't my first choice for president. i was. so i don't think we should hold
11:20 am
that against mike. he made a judgment at the time and have to ask mike why he made the judgment that he did. mike pence is a good man. he's smart. he's a very able governor. you'd have to ask him why he endorsed cruz at the time. i don't think that should disqualify you. because if you had a different choice early in a 17-person race, you had a different choice. i did. it shouldn't procollude you from being considered as to who is best to win this race and who is best to serve the country once we get done. i don't think that should procollude him. he's the winner. the winner gets to choose. i understand politics. winners get to pick. that's fine with me. and i'll be comfortable with whatever decision he makes. >> another bit of this fascinating conversation with nicole wallace.
11:21 am
in the crihristie's home in new jersey, nicole, we should also point out newt gingrich, again, part of the finalists has said as recently as five minutes ago no call has gone to him. you've been on that side of this. what is the dance of notifying, if done correctly, notifying those who aren't getting it and preventing leaks as to the person who is. >> you mentioned before we went into this is how it usually gets out. someone moving from one location to the other. sarah palin's plane was spotted, the tail number was tracked to the dive hotel where we were holed up in ohio. it's usually something out of a nancy drew novel that tips off the press. but the process of notifying the other candidates, newt gingrich is also thought to be one of the finalists. and my understanding is that while mr. trump is leaning to pence that nobody else has been
11:22 am
notified. that would be governor christie and newt gingrich at this hour. >> we'll have more from this it conversation conducted by nicole wallace throughout the day. for now, we'll go to a break. on the other side, thomas roberts continues our coverage from clapd. cleveland. or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. what's talking place at the da capital. hillary clinton is coming out of her meeting with senate democrats. >> to be really concerned with how we build a strong democratic party not just for this election, but beyond. and i'm going to do everything i can to work with my friends and colleagues here to make that happen. thank you all. >> are you concerned about the recent polls, secretary clinton?
11:25 am
>> we can hear our kristen welker there on the sidelines speaking with secretary clinton. she was there on capitol hill to meets with senate democrats. this is a weekly luncheon they have. harry reid, senate democratic leadership, greeting clinton in front of the room for the luncheon. also bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, they were all there prior to the secretary's arri l arrival. she'll be speaking coming up in the next hour with tim kain. all while we're here in cleveland in anticipation of the repulican national convention. the clock is ticking for who is on the ticket. we're monitoring a facebook live event with newt gingrich where he says he will answer questions. we watched nicole wallace with chris christie. we have these rumors swirling over who among trump's top three will get the call before tomorrow morning's official
11:26 am
announceme announcement. kelly o'donnell is here. halle jackson will have an update on the speaker's list and ben ginsburg, an expert on convention rules. he's also a political analyst. based on the process of elimination of the confirmed and vetted candidates and what they have publicly said, where do we stand on a trump running mate? >> i'm glad to come to you now because i have breaking developments. working source ises today to see where we are. this is a curious period in what hob a an unprecedented year. sources familiar with the process say no decision has been made and the public reports that are out there are premature. what i'm being told is there are divisions within the inner
11:27 am
circle about which of the three finalists, mike pence of indiana, chris christie of new jersey and former house speaker newt gingrich. there are members of the trump family who have favorites among those three. and interestingly, i'm now hearing that there's an element of this decision that is personal. that has to do with ivanka's husband and his connection in an unusual way to governor christie because it's his father who had been prosecuted by crihristie aa u.s. attorney more than a decade ago. his father accept ed a plea dea. did serve time in prison. that's a hurdle for him to get over. and in the inner workings of the family discussions and those who are watching this in the inner circle, that is a consideration because we have seen over recent days how the adult children of donald trump, his oldest three
11:28 am
children, are powerfully influential in his thinking. and because they differ on the choice, that is an issue. so i'm also told that donald trump has a fundraiser on the west coast that would be at 3:00 eastern, noon local time. we know from our reporting that donald trump tends to take roll whenever he's with donors or others about whom he should pick. . so there's a window for perhaps additional feedback to donald trump. the fact that there's no decision should not be interpreted that it won't be mike pence, who many people think is a safe, careful choice with a lot of experience and the ability to add to trump's ticket. so the fact that that reporting is out there should not discourage people from thinking that will be the choice. but i have been strongly cautioned that a decision has not been made and that calls to
11:29 am
these contendsers with a decision have not been made. >> what we know is the official announcement will come tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. in manhattan from the hilton along the avenue of americas. what we can say is knowing nicole having that sit-down with chris christie. newt gingrich conducting a facebook live feed this hour. the only person we vice president heard from is mike pence. we know a top aid was on a plane to new york and have a crucial filing deadline for tomorrow because in the state of indiana he would not be able to run for reelection for that state and also be included on the republican ticket. >> the deadline we talked about tomorrow is a trump self-imposed deadline, but it's real for mike pence because of that ballot filing issue. and we are told that his campaign would be prepared to dole with that if he was offered and accepted the vp nod.
11:30 am
an aid was going to an economic development meeting. it's so hard to tell at this point where there is misdirection, where there is overeager supporters of one over another. giving us sop direction. it's really tough. and we have the mind of donald trump, who has been a master of news cycles and maybe enjoying this right now that we are trying to figure out which way it's going and the sourcing is telling us premature, decision not made, we wait. thomas? >> we wait. kelly, i'll let you get back to work. continue to break news on what this means. and who the pick will likely be at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's the self-imposed deadline by donald trump. want to go to hally jackson. as we look as what has been released about guest speakers, what do we know as that has come together for the trump family being represented and the
11:31 am
politici politicians that would be considered part of the ticket. >> let's break it down a little at a time. we know the children will be
11:32 am
in when that all plays out. because this is a self-imposed daeeadline that donald trump pu out there. tell us about the real deal behind t sahe scenes. >> the real deal is four years ago there was elaborate travel preparations to get paul ryan
11:33 am
out the back-door of his house in wisconsin and to a private jet. it was a little bit of a tip off that mitt romney had an event scheduled on the ss wisconsin. but you generally try to build up as much surprise as possible. emphasizing the uniqueness of this year, i have never known a process where the leading contenders went out on television the day before that announcement. usually you try to keep everybody pretty much under wraps, but perhaps this is an interesting way to provide an additional addition for some of the people in the finals. >> when we think about this, do you think as you probably closely observed how the trump operated through the primary and now into this role of gop nominee, do you think this could be a head fake in the wrong direction as we look at the tea leaves and we could be surprised, all of us, at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.
11:34 am
>> we certain ly could. it's a moment of try yumt for a campaign if they can surprise the political reporters out there. so it could be. so the speculation is inevitable. but it gets washed away once there's an announcement. so moving forward, it's still the choice who the person is. are they it ready to be president, compatible with donald trump that are the key indicators here. >> so when we think about compatibility and what this means for the party base, the ri rules committee was going through contentious processes to try to seem unified and keep an ugly floor fight out of public view for next week. so what type of message, break it down by all three, adding a newt gingrich to a trump ticket, chris christie or mike pence, is the best for the base, in your opinion. >> i honestly think that each of
11:35 am
the three brings a strength. there's some overlap between them. mike pence is a favorite of the conservative movement, social grass rots conservatives. chris christie brings the fight if you want to take it to hillary clinton. he's shown a real aptitude for being able to frame up opponents in the right way. and newt gingrich is a marvelous idea machine to provide some intellectual curiousty to any ticket. and he has supporters in the convention as all three of them do. i'm not sure any one of them makes the convention more or less contentious. >> when choosing a vice president, not only do you want somebody that's competent enough to step into the oval office and step in to be commander-in-chief in case of, but you want to set somebody up to carry the torch
11:36 am
for the party beyond that president. so in a paul ryan, who is now speaker ryan, while mitt romney did not get into office, spooeker ryan now is the highest republican tult for the party. so it set him up for a future to be engrained with the party. so the pick in se governor pence, does that set the republican party up well for the future? >> so i think there are two schools of thoughts in vice presidential selections. one, you do set the party up for the future. the second is you wanted somebody who is not going to be worrying about a future election. so there are concentration is on the job of that administration. that's the dick cheney mile. that's the joe biden model. >> we have is small part. how i stay active. and to keep up this pace,
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we are in new york. we're going to continue our coverage from cleveland as soon as possible. but another story developing in washington. a stunning reversal from an outspoken member of the supreme court. that is justice ruth bader ginsberg trying to end controversy with donald trump. she released a statement walking back some of her comments, which read in part, on reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and i regret making them. erin wrote the book on the supreme court justice. i know you know her well. what can you tell us about this reversal? unprecedented for her to make the criticism, but somewhat unprecedented to see a sitting
11:46 am
supreme court justice acknowledge a mistake. >> i think this was out of character for her. it's not unheard of for a supreme court justices over the years to have waded into the political realm. there's been a lot of backlash, but you can look at all koinds of examples. the justice has been a by the books person. she usually does not step out in this way. although we know her as the no t tor rous rbg. my read is she was so outraged by trump's assault on the judiciary and what she sees as the risk to our democracy that she stepped out and that the backlash was so intense that she decided that it actually had the opposite impact of what she wanted to have. >> let me pick up on that point, which is the backlash. it drew a lot of criticism from the trump campaign and others that support him. do you think she underestimated the fallout? >> it's possible. any time you have a situation where "the new york times" e
11:47 am
editorial board, "washington post," some but not all legal experts are on the side -- it's not two sides, but saying the same thing that trump is saying that the comments threaten legitimacy of the court, that's a different outcome than what she intended. e she wanted to sound the alarm, but to make trump look like he's on the side of democratic norms and constitutional norms probably was not her intention. >> it may come as a surprise to see some of the judges in recent years have become somewhat political at least in the way they carry themselves publicly. certainly maybe not looking at it it from how they behave on the bench, but how they associate with various associations, who they sit with white house correspondents' dinner. do you think in her stature, she's become a cultural phenomena. do you think that was a factor in her weighing in on such a public way on a political campaign? >> there are a lot of schools of
11:48 am
thoughts of how a justice should be out in the world. again, i think through she's made her voice heard. it's more stepping outside of that realm that got her sbo trouble this time around. she's 60 years into a career as a legal and feminist icon. so ultimately that's going to be the weight of history and not this. >> thank you very much for joining us. we want to go back to thomas roberts from the site of the rnc convention. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. we are here in cleveland and anticipating what is happening on the right in advance of the repulican national convention here. following all the movements of the trump campaign. meanwhile, we are watching the action from capitol hill. hillary clinton just wrapped a meeting with senate democrats. here's what the presumptive nominee had to say about that meeting. >> we had a great conversation
11:49 am
and it was really focused on the very positive difference that democrats want to make and the lives of americans, particularly when it comes to economic opportunity to tackle the problems that unfortunately have been ignored by the republican majority to be really concerned with how we build a strong democratic party not just for this election, but beyond. and i'm going to do everything i can to work with my friends and colleagues here to make that happen. >> so kasie hunt is at the site of the clinton and tim kaine event. so tim kaine was in the event there with secretary clinton. we're going to see them in a short time. what are people saying about this moment in virginia and the fact that it's an audition for him potentially as her number two? >> hi, thomas, they were at the capital.
11:50 am
tim kaine was in the motorcade with hillary clinton on his way here to virginia just down the road from the capital. tim kaine's home state. this is a very important event for tim kaine. all sources say privately there's a lot riding on what kind of chemistry the two have on stage as they campaign today. i'd just like to take a step back and say what has played out here with hillary clinton vice presidential picks is just yet another example of how different she is as a candidate from donald trump and the way we have watched trump's vice presidential selection process play out. all in cable news, turn by turn, people chasing sources and vice presidential picks down streets and elsewhere across the country as trump has publicly newsed about how many people are on his list. that's not how it's playing out here with hillary clinton. she's approaching this the way she's approached many other
11:51 am
challenges over the course of her political career. very diligently. they are going through briefing books. if you see anyone come or go from hillary clinton's home, it's typically someone you probably won't recognize. maybe a lawyer who has been working on it. we have an idea of who she has thought about throughout this process, but we know that the list has narrowed in recent days and tim kaine is at the top of the list. tom vilsack, the agriculture secretary from iowa. also someone that's in contention, somebody who has been close to hillary clinton having that relationship with hillary clinton first and foremost as compared to bill clinton, considered to be something that works in his favor. tom perez, somebody that clinton has -- that he has impressed clinton over the course of the last couple months. they struck up something of a friendship. he has progressive credentials
11:52 am
and proved to be an able campaigner. . this is the latest step in her methodical process. she campaign ed with elizabeth warren a few weeks ago as part of this selection process. we're told warren has faded a bit from the vice presidential conversation at this point. and instead, you are looking at people like tim kaine. now this reflects the evolution of the clinton campaign itself as well. you'll remember when trump locked up the normmination, the polls showed he was gaining on hillary clinton. there was concern whether or not she could compete with him on tv. that e she needed a running mate to potentially play in the news cycle the way trump does. warren brought that to the table. things feeling more stable and inclined to go with someone that feels like less of a risk. tim kaine could be that guy. >> so we know in the last hour it was when hillary clinton fielded some questions. kristin welker shouted out about the poll numbers.
11:53 am
she didn't answer that. when you demonstrate the type of paradigm we're watching politically with donald trump, totally turning it on its head and hillary clinton is running that methodical self-controlled campaign, what do you think we need to see from her side to get the type of heat that donald trump's side is attracting. >> it's a a double-edged sword. you pick somebody like elizabeth warren who can fire up the liberal base and is somebody whose every word is parsed on cable news and other outlets. but there's a possibility she could overshadow hillary clinton. it just isn't naturally her strong suit. there's some risk in doing that. to a certain extent if you feel like you're on solid footing, do no harm has been typically followed. as for the polls, the clinton campaign is watching those polls
11:54 am
closely. our polls show this race is tightening. they are watching the samples in it those polls to see whether or not they think they accurately reflect the electorate that might come out. the reality is close polls help them fight complaisant si. they need democrats to be worried donald trump could win this thing. >> kasie hunt reporting in virginia. as we call it an audition to e see how the chemistry of those two will read on tv as well as to the crowd there. kasie hunt, thank you. back here in cleveland, there has been a lot of extra security put in place in an effort to make sure that the thousands of people that are coming here, whether they were supporters of donald trump or potential protesters, are all safe during the repulican national convention next week. when we return, we take a lock at that. we were born 100 years ago
11:55 am
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welcome back to cleveland, ohio. the lid on this city is getting much tighter in advance of the repulican national convention next week. we're here on east 4th street and people are moving around fluidly now, but it's going to get tighter because this is a national security event that the secret service is going to be watching over next week. there are two major areas of interest ahead of the rnc convention. the secure zone around the quicken loans arena and a larger perimeter called the event zone designed for protesters and where police will prohibit items including air rifles, knives, paintball guns, among other things on that list. the director of the secret service tell iing msnbc that th agency has already pry tried to plan for every scenario. jacob rascon joins us now in cleveland. they have a tall task, but they
11:59 am
have been planning this for some time and are working in coordination with 70 other law enforcement agencies to make sure everybody is safe. >> we have talked to many of those agencies and officers. today they did sort of a show and tell of all the different things they are going to have including officers on bike, officers on horseback. then they have their bomb squad with the new tools and a lot of toys that they are prepared for. the hope is that it's all peaceful, but they have to prepare for the worst case scenario. part of that is where we are. this is in case there are mass arrests. this is one of the overflow areas where people are able to rest and only kept for a number of hours but will be processed here. the courts will be open for extra time. you have judges on overtime. you have the hospital as well that will be open and ready for the worst case scenario. but everybody hoping that doesn't happen. >> jacob rascon, thank you, appreciate it.
12:00 pm
that's going to wrap up this it hour for me. we're in place for the rnc. all next week as well. we'll be following our live coverage on the road to philadelphia as well. kate snow has the next hour of msnbc. hello, everyone, i'm kate snow here in cleveland ahead of the repulican national convention. i'm at erie island coffee. it's a short drive from where all the action will start on monday. but this afternoon, we are talking veepstakes. today has an apprentice feel to it. donald trump making his final decision between three hopefuls. reporters tell us trump has not yet made up his mind at this hour, but that's not stopping people from looking for every clue and considering that we're talking about the ever unpredictable donald trump, those clues could be a head fake. or not. you're dpoing to hear from chris christie this hour. stay tuned for that. one thi


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